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What's it like to Study Spanish in Costa Rica?

"Thank you for my daughter's experience in Cost a Rica. You made the world of difference in her language skills with the Global Language program. GLA was an excellent opportunity."
Dan Wickenberg (Parent of Melissa Wickenberg, Spring 2002)

"The Global Language Adventures program was worth every cent. Tyson has learned a lot from his experiences at ICA."
Madelyn Haynes (Parent of Tyson Haynes, Fall 2002)

                     "I have learned many lessons about myself. I have learned what I can do. I have learned a lot about relationships. One of the greatest things I have been able to learn here is may relationship with God. When I go home I will miss it here a lot, but the things I will miss the most will probably be all the good friends I have been able to make."

Tim Gobble, Academic Semester - Fall 2002  


"I don't regret that I came one bit. I will always look back on it as a great time. It has probably prepared me for college more than high school could have."
Brian Cooper, Academic Semester - Spring 2002   
"The whole experience has been one that I know I'll never forget. What I have learned here will definitely affect my future, the way I think, where I work, and how I relate to others."
Melissa Wickenberg, Academic Semester - Spring 2002   

"I would certainly give two thumbs up about this program. I never thought I would learn so much about myself and about other types of people. I would like to go back to Instituto Centroamericano Adventista school. Guess what, Costa Ricans can play Jazz!"

Tyson Haynes, Academic Semester - Fall 2002  

"What I will probably remember the most of all is all the nice people and the friends I have made. Plus there is all of the beautiful places I have seen and gone, too. This is the chance of a lifetime and you will regret it if you don't give it a chance."
Andrew Fischer, Academic Semester - Fall 2002   

                     "I've learned a lot here. Not just academically, though that is a part of it. I've had experiences that caused me to reflect on what I believe and think about many things. I would do it again, in a heartbeat! I believe its been a life changing experience and also one of the best experiences of my life! I'm so glad I came."

Jared Wolcott, Academic Semester - Spring 2002  

"I would definitely recommend this experience to someone else. It is a once in a lifetime experience. You get to learn Spanish, and go to school, and learn all about another way of life, all at the same time.. You make new friends, but you can still keep in contact with everyone back home."                        
Leslie Michel, Academic Semester - Fall 2002   

                     "This adventure has definitely expanded my horizons. I have definitely gained a lot of life lessons here. This has definitely been something I won't forget."

Bethany Lewis, Academic Semester - Spring 2002